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Lake County寶貴的地方如同其名,清澈的湖。清胡有著清澈透明的湖水且是加州最大的天然淡水湖泊,這是一個滑水,釣魚和划船的熱門地標。Lake County目前的目標是要打起它的高雅且價格實惠的Cabernet Sauvignon和Sauvignon Blanc的聲譽。 請前往www.lakecountywineries.org

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  • September 30, 2017
    ​Kelseyville Pear Festival Wine Pavilion, Kelseyville
    Visit the Wine Tasting Pavilion for a taste of Lake County's award winning wines. Test your palate with a red or white blind tasting flight and get your name up on the Star Tasters list!